Who are the Most Popular Youtubers?

YouTube has evolved into a huge industry. We now have a host of popular YouTubers who actually make a living creating and uploading videos to their channel. They receive money from subscribers, and from paid advertisements too through the YouTube Partnership program. This article looks at some of the most popular YouTubers in existence today:

1. PewDiePie – 60+ Million Subscribers

Felix Kjellberg is undoubtedly the most famous YouTuber in existence. He has a staggering 60 million subscribers, and reportedly earned $12 million last year. His channel features gaming videos on various different popular titles. Whilst gaming, you can see his live reaction to the games and listen to his humorous commentary.

2. Dude Perfect – 26+ Million Subscribers

Twins Cory and Coby Cotton plus a host of college friends have created the ultimate trick shot challenge channel. Their videos are pure fun and showcase the boys attempting various different sporting trick shots including basketball dunks, bike stunts and ping pong tricks.

3. Yuya – 20+ Million Subscribers

Beauty blogging is big business. Beauty bloggers are essentially paid to put makeup on and promote products. This is what popular Youtuber Yuya does who hails from Mexico. Her videos provide awesome makeup, hair and beauty tutorials.

4.  Jenna Marbles – 17+ Million Subscribers

Jenna Mourey is a hugely influential YouTuber and has amassed a huge army of followers. Her videos have a comedic edge and centre on her life as a young millennial and the trials she faces. Examples of her videos include “What’s the best Mascara to cry in” and “Things Girls Lie About” (which incidentally has 29 million views!).  

5. Ninja – 16+ Million Subscribers

Tyler Blevins or “Ninja” is the undisputed most popular Fortnite YouTuber in the world. Fortnite is a popular video game and Ninja is an absolute wizard. He has become hugely popular and has even posted videos of him playing Fortnite with celebrities such as Drake, Marshmellow and Harry Kane.

These are just 5 prime examples popular YouTubers – other notable candidates include Canall KonfZilla, Fernanfloo, Smosh and VanossGaming. Why not check out some of these YouTubers today and see what videos they create?  

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