Real Stats and Facts about Gay Divorce Rates

It is a long-believe train of thought that same-sex divorce rates are much higher than opposite-sex marriages. This is a stereotype that is held in many countries – maybe this is due to a different way of thinking, or maybe it is actually true. This article aims to look at this subject and see just how gay divorce rates compare and if they are as high as the public may perceive.

Availability of statistics for analysis

One main drawback to this line of analysis is the lack of data. We have to remember that same-sex marriage is only performed in a handful of countries around the world such as Argentina, Canada, Germany, Sweden and the UK. There simply isn’t a huge backlog of data to draw from, so we must work with what we can.

Gay divorce statistics – compared to same-sex

Here we see a variety of statistics that help paint a picture of the reality of gay divorce rates. These statistics have all been taken from official government surveys or reputable sources:

– Divorce rates for same-sex couples in the UK in 2016 was around 1%
– Divorce rates for same-sex couplers in Norway and Sweden are approx 50% less than opposite-sex
– Divorce rates for same-sex couples in Belgium was around 2% compared to 5% of all divorces
– Divorce rates for same-sex couplers in the US is roughly the same as opposite-sex divorces

From these preliminary statistics, the actual reality is that same-sex divorce rates are slightly lower than opposite sex marriages.

Gay divorce statistics – men vs. women

One important trend to note is that in practically every country that same-sex marriages are legal, marriages between two women are more likely to end in divorce. In Norway and Sweden for example, lesbian divorces were 10% higher than gay men. Furthermore in the Netherlands, lesbian divorce rates were nearly double that of gay men. Why this appears to be a statistical fact is unknown? We have to also remember that there are generally more lesbian marriages than gay men therefore this statistic may be skewed.

We hope you have found this article interesting and enlightening and now have more insight into gay divorce rates!

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