Do Gay Married Couples earn more than Heterosexual ones?

This is a long-standing debate and one that raises many questions. Are gay married couples more successful than heterosexual ones? Do gay married couples have higher joint salaries? This article provides a statistical analysis and other pointers too – enjoy!

Gay married couples tend to earn more than heterosexual couples

You may be surprised to know that statistics do point towards same-sex partners earning more than heterosexual couples. In the US for example, in 2014, gay men had an average household income of $174k which was a staggering $63k more than opposite-sex couples. In terms of percentages, this translates to a 36% higher earning for same-sex couples.

Digging deeper into this statistic, it should be noted that gay married men actually earn on average more than lesbian married women. In the US, lesbian married couples have only a 7% higher average earning than heterosexual couples compared to the male 36%.

Why is this statistic true?

So why do gay couples generally earn more than heterosexual couples? There are several factors to consider, mainly education and children.


In the US, a higher percentage of both gay men and lesbian women have at least a college education – their education is generally better than heterosexuals. A higher degree of education can obviously lead to greater job prospects.


Secondly, gay married men are much less likely to have children than both heterosexual couples, and lesbian couples. This can help explain why gay men on average earn much more – they are more career driven and can devote time to pursue their job.


Finally, a large percentage of gay married couples live in large cities or prosperous areas where job opportunities are greater, and average wages are also higher. This could somewhat skew the figures.

We hope you have found this article enlightening. As you can see, statistics do point towards gay married couples enjoying more success and a higher income than their heterosexual counterparts. This does not mean that heterosexual couples cannot be successful and prosper however!

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