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Sometimes, it can be hard to see a distinguishing difference between an actor and their character. You become so immersed in the storyline that it’s easy to believe how they are in that movie is how they are in real life. As a result, you tend to begin thinking that a gay character is played by a gay actor, rather than a straight one.  Especially since any lesbian sex or gay sex within it is typically quite realistic.                                                                                
While in many cases the actor is as homosexual as the character, there are equally as many that aren’t. Below you will find a few of the many convincing lesbian and gay characters that are actually played by heterosexuals.

Jake Gyllenhaal

One of the most convincing gay characters in a movie is Jack Twist played by Jake Gyllenhaal in Brokeback Mountain. While Jack wants to be a cowboy figure – staunch, rugged, and manly, he is confused by his feelings for other men. Even though Jake is, in fact, straight in real life, he carries out the role of a gay man engaging in gay sex, very well.

Heath Ledger

It seems only natural to include Heath Ledger in this list because, like Jake Gyllenhaal, he played the role of a gay cowboy very well in Brokeback Mountain. Like Jake, he was able to separate his actual sexual orientation to become gay, engaging in gay sex with as much realism as you can get.

Robin Williams

There is no denying that any film Robin Williams was present in, he put in his entire heart and soul. Playing a gay man in The Birdcage was no exception. Acting as Armand Goldman, he was married to a drag queen called “Starina,” engaged in gay sex, or lesbian sex depending on her gender perception, and was the owner of a drag club. If any straight man could give the honest illusion of being gay, Robin Williams could.

James Franco

Usually, an actor will play a gay character once or twice in their career before carrying on with straight roles. After all, portraying lesbian sex and gay sex in a movie can be hard work, and can also draw a lot of scrutiny from conservatives. However, if you’re James Franco, many of the roles you’ll play are as gay men, so you just have to get used to it. Obviously, if you are cast for these roles, you’re very good at them. Just to name a few, James has played the role of Harvey Milk’s lover in the movie “Milk,” as well as Allen Ginsberg in a biography titled “Howl.”

Daniel Radcliffe

Everyone knows Daniel Radcliffe as a wand-wielding teenager in a magical castle surrounded by people trying to kill him, but that all changed. Now, it’s all too easy to associate Daniel with gay sex, lesbian sex, and homosexual roles that are a little bit dramatic, to say the least. Daniel moved away from his lovable wizard character, transitioning to such characters as Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings – a drama.

Colin Firth

It doesn’t matter whether you agree with homosexuality or would prefer not to see gay sex and lesbian sex on your big screen, there’s no denying Colin Firth makes an exceptional gay man. In the movie called A Single Man, Colin plays the role of George Falconer, a British university professor who is depressed. This role earned him a significant number of awards and nominations – showing the world that a straight man can portray a gay man and make it believable.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is well known for his role in many award-winning movies such as Castaway, The Terminal, and Saving Private Ryan, but all as a straight man. In the movie Philadelphia, however, Tom Hanks throws himself into the world of gay sex and lesbian sex, where he fights for his rights after being fired as a lawyer after his colleagues found out he had AIDS.
It’s clear to see that all it takes is a talented actor and you can play a character of different sexuality with ease. While gay sex and lesbian sex scenes may be a challenge, all of these actors take them in their stride – getting to the real root of the character rather than their sexual identity.